Your Biggest Social Media Questions…Answered

We had an incredible Hangout on Air yesterday with Lynn Terry of! Everyone threw challenging social media questions at her left, right, center – and Lynn caught and answered them all.

Check out the replay here:

There were just 3 questions that she didn’t have time to get to, so Lynn wrote up some answers and I’m posting them here:

Q: What activities grow audience the fastest 2) the most 3) what activities drive conversions?

A: Content & Interaction. You want to put out great content, answer your market’s questions, help them with and/or validate their buying decisions, and respond to their questions.

Keyword Targeting is incredibly important. Meaning you research the keyword phrases your target market is searching, and respond to those searches with solutions or answers (ie content). This brings in highly targeted search traffic, and with a strong call-to-action, leads to great conversions.

In addition to creating and optimizing your content, actively engaging with your target market in various places online will grow your audience (your reach and your readership) super fast. This includes social media channels, guest blogging, podcasts & interviews, forums or wherever your market is already hanging out online.

Q: Speaking of focus, do you still do niche affiliate marketing or are you focused on your two blogs now?

A: I actually have three blogs I am actively working on at the moment, and all three of them fall under the “niche affiliate marketing” model. My low carb blog for example, is monetized via affiliate programs. I am also testing other revenue models on my blogs, but the majority of my online income has been affiliate commission for close to a decade now.

Q: What social platform will i find contractors like home remodelers, or home repair services?

A: I would start by doing searches on each social network, such as this one on Twitter for “remodeling”: or this one for “contractor”: and this one for “home repair”:

You may have to do a little digging to find the real contractors or remodelers, past the bloggers and retailers serving that industry.

Do the same thing on Facebook. Type in terms like: home improvement, contractor, home repair, or any other keyword or phrase that directly relates to the type of service professional you’re looking for online.

Definitely look on Pinterest as well, as they may be using Pinterest to show before and after pictures to promote their handywork.

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