2 Ways to Boost Your Creativity in 5 Minutes or Less

Unlock the Creator in YouDo you think of yourself as creative? An innovator? Are you always full of new, interesting ideas for products, solutions, projects, etc?

Then this article probably isn’t for you.

However, if you struggle at times with creativity, then I have a few tips for you today, courtesy of Dennis Becker of Earn 1K a Day.
They’re from his new guide called Unlock the Creator in You.

As I read through the 80+ page guide, worksheets, and Quick Start Guide, I could tell just how much research Dennis put into this program.
In fact, he actually has 3 pages packed with a list of the sources he drew from!

But let’s take a look at 2 specific things you can do TODAY to inspire creativity.
Here’s a direct excerpt for the Quick Start Guide. Obviously, Dennis goes into more depth in the main guide.
These are from the section on “How to Find Amazing Ideas Whenever You Need Them”

Filling Yourself with Laughter

If you’re stuck for ideas, and are feeling down and blue, watch something funny or go to a comedy show. This serves a couple of different purposes. First, it relaxes you– everyone feels happier when they’re listening to something funny.
Laughter can clear the cobwebs and help you enjoy life again. Comedians also have an incredible way of drawing connections in ways no one else can. Learn from them and study what they do and the conclusions they draw about life.

Use StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon.com is a great invention. It lets you click a button and then takes you to a random webpage somewhere on the web. There is no quicker way to get outside of your usual activities on the web than having a randomizer choose where you go. Not every page will be useful to you, but you will find some incredible things you wouldn’t have explored otherwise. This can be a lot of fun–a way to break your usual pattern.

It’s funny, but I never even thought about using StumbleUpon for inspiration. But it’s so easy! You’re already sitting at the computer probably, so why not take a 5 minute break to think random thoughts? I suggest setting a timer though or you could be there all day. And if you end up looking for laughter on YouTube, there’s always funny cat videos – but that’s not exactly a creative idea . 🙂

If you’re interested in really ramping up your creativity, take a look at Dennis’s full guide.

The main guide to Unlock the Creator in You is over 80 pages long,
….but everything is broken down and easy for anyone to do.

He also included some great worksheets and the Quick Start Guide that summarizes all the techniques.

I’ll give you my own recommendations for using the guide in a second, but take a look here at one of the “action worksheets”. It might be hard to understand without the explanation in the guide, but it’s meant to help you get out of a rut when you’re stuck:

[engagematic id=”1037″]

If you decide to pick up this transformative program, here’s what I suggest:

1. Look through the Table of Contents to see what’s in it

2. Pick ONE or more chapters to go through at a time, depending on how much time you have

3. Look through the Quick Start Guide

4. Pick ONE creativity technique to try right away.

5. Practice that one technique daily for at least a few days before you try another.

I think this is a course you can implement best if you try one thing at a time, over time.

Schedule some time in your calendar for creativity. Make it a part of your daily routine.

You’ll be seeing yourself as a powerful, creative person before you know it!

Take a look and let me know what you think:

==> Unlock the Creator in You

Relax and enjoy!

– Sharyn

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