The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters

It’s a lovely Monday morning and I’m excited to be picking up my daughter this afternoon from the train station, back from college.  To me, that marks the real beginning of the holidays. But first, I get to announce my anxiously awaited new course: The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters


The Art of Highly Effective E-Newsletters is a fully customizable training program for every market.


This is another one of my highly popular customizable training programs that you can learn from, teach to others, and sell.

NOTE: Check out my video on that page if you want to see how crazy my hairdresser got with the scissors ;)>

I’ll give you a few details about the course below too, but first…. Check out these statistics:

91% of consumers check their email EVERY day
35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone
84% of email recipients use a PREVIEW pane

Interesting results, right?

Are YOU writing your emails with those stats in mind?

Unfortunately, most people aren’t very good at writing emails to their lists at all!

Everyone is so focused on BUILDING their list that they forget about ENGAGING their subscribers.

That’s why we developed The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters.


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It’s designed to teach people how to create an email newsletter that subscribers will OPEN, READ, and take ACTION on.

And guess what? You can deliver it by email 🙂 …..or any other way you want.

==>  The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters

There are three purchase options, so that you only buy what you need.

Here’s what you’ll get in each:<

Basic Bundle:
* 52 emails with learning activities
* Course Book (all 52 emails in an ebook format)
* Course Workbook (45 worksheets for completing the assignments)
* Infographic – 7 Elements for Highly Effective Emails

Trainer’s Bundle:

* Everything from the Basic Bundle….PLUS
* Mindmap of Course Overview
* Slides – 135 slides for presenting the contents as webinar, classroom or video
* Speaker Notes (embedded in the slides’ Notes)
* Facilitator Guide (the slides and notes PLUS additional instructions, recommendations and tips)
* Course Evaluation Form
* Research Sources (links to places to learn more)
* Top Ways to Deliver Your Training
* Tips for Using Your White Label Content

Marketer’s Bundle:

* Everything in the Basic Bundle and Trainer’s Bundle….PLUS
* Infographic (another one)
* Blog Posts
* Tweets
* Giveaway Report
* Follow-Up Emails
* Slide presentation (for promotion and more)
* Newsletter templates
* List of Resources
* Sales and Squeeze Page templates and copy
* eCovers


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I’m sure I’ve forgotten something here, but you can see all the details, screenshots, and a video “sneak peek” of the contents on the sales page:

==> The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters

The whole course comes with White Label Rights. Those are very similar to Private Label Rights and there are details on the sales page.

You can edit, cut it up, transform it, or do any other number of things. It’s all up to your imagination, though we give you some ideas and recommendations.

Take a look at The Art of Highly Effective E-Newsletters and see if this is something you and your prospects, customers, and clients can benefit from.

– Sharyn

P.S. Here’s another eye-opening stat to show just how important your emails are:

For every $1 spent on e-marketing, the average return is $44.25

But remember, that only happens if you’re sending GREAT emails.

==> The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters


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