[Video Demo] How to Use Evernote on an iPad

Evernote on iPadI did a little demo yesterday of using Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy phone (Android system), and today I have a demo on my iPad.

The app on the ipad isn’t quite as good as the version on my phone, but it’s still extremely powerful. The only thing it seems to be missing is the voice-to-text feature, which is a real shame. Evernote is always adding new features, so hopefully that will be in a future version.

The plus side of using Evernote on an iPad or other tablet is that the keyboard is bigger so it’s easier to type. In fact, I have an external keyboard cover which makes it almost like using the app on a proper computer.

In this video, I was able to do a demo using Evernote on my iPad via the Reflector app. You just have to download the app to your PC and then turn on AirPlay on your iPad by swiping up from the bottom. There are directions when you download Reflector.

It wasn’t quite as easy to use the Reflector app as it was to use MirrorOp on my Galaxy phone, but it still worked. The image just isn’t as clear.

Remember to keep an eye out for the set of Evernote guides I’ll be putting out over at my Business Content PLR site if you want to learn more and teach others how to use Evernote too 🙂

What are your favorite ways to use Evernote?

Please share since I’ll be adding some of these to the Evernote guides we’re creating!