Sources for Copyright-Free Public Domain Images

public domain imagesDo you often use images  in your content creation? As you probably already know, visuals are one of the easiest ways to catch your reader’s eye and engage them.

But unless you’re using your own images, that you created personally, you can quickly get drawn into a minefield of potential legal trouble using others’ images.

We’ve been busy over at Business Content PLR working on a new training program, which included outsourcing the creation of some “inspiration” quote images.

Thank goodness my assistant checked the images when we got them back from the designer!

She found at least 3 of them on individual photography sites. Sure, there were no copyrights and other legal mumbo jumbo on the sites, but that doesn’t necessarily make it right to use their photos.

I’m waiting to hear the designer’s explanation of how she got these, considering she assured me that she purchases the rights to all her images. But, in the meantime, we’re going to have to find our own images or use fun colors and fonts instead.

Luckily, I did a quick search in my Evernote notebooks and found one note where I’d saved some links to good sites for public domain images.

If you need some *free*, LEGAL images to use yourself, here are a few of the sites you can explore:

You can also search public domain images on government sites with these 2 directories:

* The Best Copyright Free Photo Libraries 
* Uncle Sam’s Photos

Now, with all those copyright-free, public domain images available, why would you take the risk of using something legally murky?

Just because someone hasn’t put a copyright on their image, don’t assume it’s ok to use it. If you really LOVE the photo, contact the photographer directly.

Talk soon 🙂

– Sharyn

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