5 Ways to Use Evernote for Social Media Management


One of my customers emailed me yesterday saying she was confused as to how she could use Evernote to help her with social media management.

There are so many ways that it’s hard to list them all here, so I’m going to summarizing 5 ways that are the most popular:


1. Use the Evernote app with Hootsuite

If you use Hootsuite, there’s an Evernote app listed with all the other Hootsuite apps. Install it and try out a few of these:

– Save tweets and other status updates as notes in a specific Notebook

– Create an Evernote stream in Hootsuite so you can edit and search notes right there in the dashboard

– Share notes within your Evernote stream to different profiles. Evernote will create a public link so everyone can see just that note


2. Use IFTTT or Zapier to automatically save to Evernote

Use one of these automated “recipe” apps to set up automated actions. For example, you can save any of the following to Evernote notebooks:

– Save favorites

– Save mentions

– Archive tweets and status updates

– Save links posted

– Track followers

– Archive images from Instagram


3. Save/clip/draft social content

Use Evernote to help you create your social media content by doing the following:

– Record ideas for content

– Clip from websites, using the Web Clipper, for curation

– Create drafts of your content that you can revisit and finish later


4. Create your to do lists

Use the checkbox formatting feature when creating notes to put together your to do lists for social media management. For example, you can….

– List all your social media tasks for each day

– Organize your tasks by site or client

– Set reminders for specific social media tasks you need to do


5. Save Links

Keep track of links that you might want to share or review later.

– Organize your links by topic

– Close out all your browser windows.

When you’re creating social content to share, remember all the different things you can save. You may not know how you’re going to use it now, but save and organize it so you can find it later:

From websites

From social media sites

From your email

From your own notes

From your phone and tablet, such as photos or meeting notes

From written content – just take a picture

Once everything’s saved, all you have to do is use Evernote’s search functions to find relevant content later. Evernote will search both tags and text, and even text within images!


I hope that helped you see just how powerful Evernote can be for social media management.


If you’d like to learn more about how to use Evernote, and teach others too, check out my KickStart Guide to Evernote.It contains step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and slides.



What about you?  What’s your favorite way to use Evernote?