How to Set Goals That Get Done


In my latest white label training program on setting priorities, we mention the importance of first setting the types of goals that you want to achieve.

You get up in the morning, you sit down to work, you start thinking about what you should do first….

and then you turn to your “To Do” list.

If you’ve done a good job of setting goals, you’ll be able to put that list in priority order pretty easily.

In this video, I took a few of the points from the Opt-In gift in the marketing materials for Prioritize for Success and made them into slides – which I then recorded as a video.

It’s about 3 minutes long and should give you a good idea of:

  • What YOU can do with your marketing materials from PLR or white label training
  • What questions you need to ask YOURSELF about your goals

Have you ever tried creating videos like these for marketing your products? It was incredibly easy to do and I just took the content from my “setting priorities” PLR. You should definitely take advantage of the fact that PLR and white label products can be edited and transformed to other media:

==> Prioritize for SuccessReady-to-Go Training Program (that you can customize)

And what about your own goal setting? Have you asked yourself the questions in the video?