Warning: Beware the Lie of Content Marketing

The Lie of Content MarketingInbound marketing is the catchphrase of this decade. The concept centers around producing content for your prospects and customers….and a lot of it.

But we’re not thinking about that content the right way.

Take a look at this email that I just sent out to my subscribers over at Business Content PLR and watch the slideshow I’ve embedded that talks about the Lie of Content Marketing.

You’ll never look at content marketing the same again!

I wanted to share something with you today that really resonated with me, aside from being an incredibly cool form of slideshare.

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Now, here’s the presentation from SME Digital I was talking about:


It’s a new form of slideshow that’s being called a “blogshare”. In other words, it’s mostly words on the slides. But, they’re presented in a way that flows and engages, so you can’t stop reading it!

I’m going to attempt to summarize and paraphrase the presentation, and maybe you’ll get a sense of what I mean.

In the presentation, they talk about how content marketers see themselves as fishermen, waiting for customers to nibble at the bait on your hook.

Or as farmers, nurturing a seed (the customer) to life.

But that view is all wrong since it focuses on YOUR needs.

Instead, you have to remember that…

Your customers are the fishermen. They have the power to keep you or throw you back.

As a content marketer, you’re also not the farmer.

“You’re the seed.

You need your customers to grow.

But, if you’re really, really good…

You’ll help them be better
You’ll help them be faster
You’ll help them be stronger
You’ll help them be whatever it is they want to be”

I really love the way they explained the shift we need to make in our thinking, and I highly recommend taking a look at the presentation.

It won’t take long, and you’ll get some great ideas for creating your own slides at the same time!

Have a good one and talk soon 🙂

Sharyn Sheldon

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