A Unique Method to Get More Mileage from PLR

Are you always struggling to find new ideas for your content marketing?

Most online marketers say one of their top challenges is creating ENOUGH content, as well as ENGAGING content. And yet….

More often than not, you have valuable content just sitting on your computer, collecting dust.

It may be your own creations or Private Label Rights (PLR) content, but either way it’s probably not getting the mileage it deserves.

I recently sent out an email to my subscribers over at Business Content PLR about a method for keeping track of your PLR content in a unique way, which I’ll describe in a second.

The idea is that you’ll keep everything organized by topic AND continue to add more source materials and ideas as time goes on.

That way, whenever you need content on a specific topic, you just head over to your neatly organized database to pick and choose. You’ll have your PLR content along with ideas for adding value, repurposing, and customizing….all in one place

You’re going to need two *FREE* tools for this technique:

* Dropbox
* Evernote

And here’s what you’re going to do….

Step 1. Save Your PLR to Dropbox


  • Set up a free account at Dropbox.com
  • Download the app to your computer
  • Create one folder called PLR
  • Create sub-folders for main categories (eg, social media)
  • Every time you buy some PLR, save it in the relevant folder (or create new folders). You’ll need to go back and do this for your current PLR too.
  • Always append the name of the PLR seller to the product folder.

For example, if you were to buy my Business Survival Tips PLR, you might want to create a sub-folder called Business PLR and add _BCPLR on the product folder name.


2. Create Topic Notebooks in Evernote


  • Set up a free account at Evernote.com and follow the directions for downloading the app to your computer
  • Create individual notebooks on the major topics that you cover. Basically, you’ll want notebooks on the main topics that are of interest to your market.
  • When you buy new PLR, create a note in the relevant notebook that has a link to the PLR product in Dropbox that you just saved. You can just right-click on the file in your Dropbox folder and “share link” to copy the link.
  • Keep one note that has all the links to relevant PLR. You can title that note “PLR on [Topic]”
  • As you come across other interested, related content on the web, be sure to use Evernote’s Web Clipper to clip it to the appropriate notebook
  • Use Evernote’s tags to tag notes with search terms.

3. Create New Content


  • When you need to create new content on a specific topic, start by going to that notebook in Evernote
  • Look through the PLR you have on that topic and pick one to work with. It could be a whole PLR product or just a sub-section
  • Read through that product
  • Now, read through the other content you’ve collected in your notebook on that topic. If you have a lot, use Evernote’s search function to filter it by keyword
  • Start customizing and adding to your PLR based on the other content ideas and concepts that you’ve been collecting

For example, you might want to add some quotes to sections of the PLR, add images (don’t forget to link to the source), or even write a whole new section to flesh out the current PLR.

Any content that you’ve clipped from the web to Evernote should have the source url, so if you’re quoting people or sharing images the hyperlink will be right there at your fingertips.

I hope that gives you another idea for making the most of the PLR you buy by keeping it organized AND keeping other source content close at hand for when you need it.

…and if you’re looking for PLR tutorials on Evernote, you should definitely check out the big product I put together, with videos. It’s called:

==> A Kickstart Guide to Evernote

Have a good one and talk soon 🙂

Sharyn Sheldon


  1. Hi Sharyn great stuff you doing well, I am not even close to what you do….. keep the great job,….. behind the seen I learn lots from you true your work….
    Thank you

  2. this is definitely a cool way to keep track of all your PLR. never thought of doing it like this before.

  3. Hi Sharyn
    Evernote and Deopbox can be used for keeping track of all your business PLR and I am very glad to find the ways here

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