Article Templates That Demolish Writers Block

Article templates from Easy Article StartersHow many times have you sat down in front of your computer, staring fixedly at the screen, wondering what you were going to write, and then ambling off to the refrigerator to grab a snack? Maybe your own writer’s block doesn’t include the kitchen raid like mine, but everyone has faced it at one time or another.

Along comes Peg Baron and her Easy Article Starters. These little gems are worth their weight in diamonds as brilliant article templates that will annihilate any writer’s block that you’re struggling with.

Here’s an example of a finished article I wrote for creating an email to add to my autoresponder series on Business Content PLR. The original article starter gave me an intro sentence, the names of the three places to promote your blog, and a brief conclusion sentence. The whole article took me about 30 minutes to write, including time to look at each website listed to see what they were all about. In fact, the actual writing time was probably 15 minutes at most. I just had to keep myself from getting too drawn into the details of each site.

Article I wrote for my email newsletter, based on one of the article templates:

The First Thing to Do After You Post

You’ve written a beautifully epic article or post. Now what?

Once you have posted something on your site or elsewhere, the real work begins. “Build it and they will come” doesn’t work in internet marketing (or anywhere else). If the world doesn’t know about what you’ve created, you might as well file it away in a drawer some where.

The first steps to take are the widely touted ones – Tweet about it, put a post on your Facebook page and/or profile, bookmark it at Stumbleupon and other sites, etc.

You can also create a press release that links to your post and announces the newsworthy aspects of it, if appropriate.

However, there are three other ways that I discovered through another internet marketing friend of mine (Peg Baron) that you may not know about either.


BloggersBase is a community of bloggers who contribute articles on a variety of “blogs” that reside on their website. You have an option of submitting an RSS feed of your own external blog. Each time you create a post on your own blog, BloggersBase will notify you that it has been created in draft mode on their site. You can then choose to publish it or not. It can be published either on your personal BloggersBase blog or on one of their community blogs on a relevant topic. One thing that’s interesting about this site is that you can compete to be a co-author of one of their blogs and, potentially, win money. The competition results are all based on reader voting. A great way to increase your brand recognition and authority on a topic.


At BlogEngage, the goal is to promote interaction between bloggers in which they promote each others blogs. You submit one of your blog posts and other members vote on them. They also have a contest in which you get points for promoting blog posts. In addition, they have some paid options for doing more promotion of your blog, including RSS feeds and “spotlight” features of your blog.


Blokube is another community of bloggers where you can add your blog post links and promote and vote on other’s bloggers posts. It has a few other cool Facebook-type features as well. For example, you can create groups with other bloggers, have live chats, and share content with each other. In addition, there is a paid Pro feature in which you can get your content submitted automatically each month. Always nice to know your content is getting out there without you having to think about it at all!

While it’s still important to use the traditional social media methods to promote your posts once it’s published, consider these three options as well. At the minimum, you can build more links to your blog post and increase its rankings. Even more importantly, you can bring some targeted traffic directly to your blog posts and find some great networking opportunities.

As you can see, I wrote a fairly long article from a very short article template. I did have to spend that little bit of time doing research since I hadn’t heard of these websites before. But that was an added bonus. Now I know about three places I can use to promote my own blog posts that I never knew existed!

Article templates from Easy Article StartersSome of the article templates in Easy Article Starters are very brief and others are a little more structured, which just contributes to the variety you get in each pack. In addition, the extra titles Peg gives you for each section will spark more ideas for other articles.

Finally, while I bought all the internet marketing article starter packs, there are now more on a great selection of some of the most popular niches (like Fitness and Weight Loss). There’s bound to be at least one that’s related to a niche you’re in.

With the latest Google algorithm changes, and more happening all the time, you have to keep adding quality content to your sites. With the Easy Article Starters article templates, you have absolutely no excuse for coming up with ideas for fresh content.

Go check them out and enjoy having some creative ideas at your fingertips.