How to Animate Graphics in PowerPoint

Ever wonder how people make their PowerPoint graphics move around, enter and exit, or do other cool tricks?


It’s not as difficult as you might think, and you don’t have to be some sort of slide and video magician to make it happen.


I took a few minutes out today to put together a video tutorial on exactly how you can animate beautiful graphics in PowerPoint (and then video) using SmartArt.


Take a look at the video below to see how you can do these animations too:



Here’s a summary of the steps involved:


1: Open new presentation

2: Make sure the Design > Page Setup is set for 16:9 if making YouTube video

3. Go to Home > Layout to set layout to blank slide

4. Insert a Smart Art Graphic (under Insert)

5. Pick style and colors

6. Type in any text

7. Select whole graphic (make sure your arrow ‘crosshairs’ select everything)

8. Got to Animations and select the animation effect you want

9. Open Animation Pane

10. Click the down arrow next to the ‘Diagram’ animation and select ‘Effect Options’

11. Select Smart Art animation tab

12. Click on the down arrow and select your choice (eg, one by one)


Now test everything by clicking on the Play icon in the animation pane.

Then play the Slide Show from the beginning to make sure everything works the way you want.

Obviously, the video should be more helpful in demonstrating, but I hope you’ll have learned enough to give it a try.

Enjoy and talk soon 🙂

Sharyn Sheldon



P.S. I also refer in the video to other tutorials I’ve done on actually inserting audio and recording your slides as video here:

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