How to Create a Slick eBook with PowerPoint

How to Create eBooks with PowerPointI’ve always been a bit envious of people with great design skills. Sure, I get some fairly horrific-looking reports that look like they were typed on an old-fashioned typewriter.

But then I download ones that are so professional and beautiful to look at that I have to think they were created by expert designers.

It turns out that it’s not that difficult to create those types of eBooks after all.

You just need a combination of PowerPoint and Presenter Media.

In my latest white label training program (The Referral Marketing Machine), we used this dynamic duo to create a slick report that people can use as their list-building opt-in gift or a handout.

Enough chat already. Want to know how we did it? Just watch the demo video below:



To summarize, here are the steps involved:

  1. Open a new, blank presentation in PowerPoint
  2. Set the size to 16:9 if you’re planning to create a YouTube video also. Go to Design > Page Setup.
  3. Click on your Presenter Media tab in the top menu to see what’s available. (Instructions for installing the Presenter Media integration for PowerPoint are on their website. It’s quick and easy.)
  4. Enter your search term or pick a category to see what PowerPoint templates are available
  5. Pick your favorite and then click on Open
  6. Now, go ahead and edit the text and graphics.
  7. Save as a pdf (instead of a ppt)

That’s all there is to it!

And if you want to get really fancy, you could even animate some of the graphics if they’re not already animated in the template (some are).
I gave some instructions for animating SmartArt graphics in my last tutorial.

Here’s that link for Presenter Media. It includes unlimited downloads and is NOT restricted to be used in PowerPoint. This is where I get all my nifty 3D characters too:

==> Presenter Media – Graphics, Templates and Video Backgrounds

Have fun with it 🙂

Sharyn Sheldon



P.S. Here’s the link to the white label (PLR) course on Referral-Based Marketing too:

==> The Referral Marketing Machine – fully customizable and brandable