Tutorial: Tips for Quick Content Customization

How to Customize Your Business Training ContentI’ve had a lot of customers ask me in the past how they should customize the white label and PLR content they purchase from me over at Business Content PLR.

Since it’s such a common question, I decided to take one of my courses and do a video demo of some ideas for customizing it to YOUR target market.

The example I used is from my white label course called The Referral Marketing Machine.

In the demo, I take you into the Course Book, Course Workbook, and the slides to look at several places where anyone can easily edit a few things to make it more relevant for their audience.

Take a look here:


At a high level, these are the suggestions I make in the video:

  1. Change the title and get a new ecover made at Fiverr.com
  2. Edit the Header and Footer by changing the title and inserting your company name and url in the footer
  3. Look for references to the target audience and change it to yours (eg, service providers vs. online marketers)
  4. Look for language that’s more specific to your audience (eg, clients vs. customers)
  5. Do a search for the word “example” and see if you can change that example to something specific to your audience
  6. If there’s a graphic or model, you could change names of the steps or elements
  7. For worksheets, do your own filled-in example or change the examples given in the worksheets
  8. Make sure your slides match up to the Course Book
  9. Add additional modules or training if there’s one part that you want to focus on more
  10. Do more than one version if you’re serving different target audiences

I hope that was helpful. Don’t get too carried away with customizing things if it will slow you down. We’ve designed our content to be relatively generic, though still business focused. The idea is to change little things here and there so that it speaks directly to your audience.


Sharyn Sheldon




P.S. If you want to get access to the course I used as an example, just go here:

==> The Referral Marketing Machine