5 Easy Tips for Using Social Media to Market Your Content

Easy Tips for Social Media MarketingYou already know that social media is a powerhouse in the world of content marketing, right?

Since most people spend at least some time, if not way too much time, on social media, it’s a great place to market your content brand. Your content will get far more visibility than if it were to just sit on your blog or sent out to email subscribers.

However, social media presents a few challenges. Namely, restriction of the length of content can be tricky. For example, Twitter limits each tweet to 140 characters. Here are the best tips for using social media content marketing to get results.

  1. Use Visuals on Twitter

As mentioned above, Twitter severely limits the length of each tweet’s text. A good way around this roadblock is to use images instead. Visuals are more eye-catching than text and can increase engagement with your content. Twitter also recently started supporting gifs, or animated image files, which are another great way to grab the attention of customers mindlessly scrolling through their feed and draw them in.


  1. Recirculate Content

Recirculating your content means posting it more than once on the same social media platform. By doing this, you can generate more traffic, reach audiences in different time zones, and find new followers. For example, if you tweet a link to a blog post in the morning, you may also tweet it that evening (with slight variations) to maximize the amount of people who see it.


  1. Use Tools at Your Disposal

There are hundreds of online tools that will help you use social media to reap maximum benefits. Use a scheduling tool like HootSuite to plan your social media updates in advance. Followerwonk lets you know when is the optimal time to send your tweets. Social Mention tells you whenever your brand is being talked about online. Those are just a few of the countless tools you can use to help manage your social side of marketing.


  1. Do A/B Tests

An A/B test is a method for testing the efficacy of your social media content marketing. Create two slightly different variations of the same social media update; for example, a Facebook post. Then, whichever one was the most popular is the most successful. This method will help you learn what you followers are looking for so you can meet their needs.


  1. Repurpose Content

You spent a whole hour writing a fantastic Facebook post?  Don’t leave it sitting there on Facebook alone. You can take your written content and turn it into images and videos. You can also repurpose content across platforms. For example, take that Facebook post and break it into shorter phrases to use as tweets. This method requires little effort on your part, but reaps major benefits.

IMPORTANT: Always include a call to action and/or a link to your content in your social media posts. Even just asking people to share your content can be a call to action. The point is to get people to do something and engage with you.

Just those few tips alone should be enough to give your content brand a big boost on social media. Certainly there are a slew of other tactics and strategies to explore, but start by putting these basic tips into practice today. Before you know it you’ll have increased your content’s visibility tenfold in the social media arena. And visibility ultimately leads to expert status and business growth.

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What do you do to make marketing your content on social media easier?