Top Tools for Analyzing your Traffic

Need to monitor the traffic to your website but don’t know where to start? Never fear. There are countless tools out there that can analyze your traffic sources and statistics for you – just like the pros do.

The sites listed below are popular, tried and true resources that will help you analyze your website visitors, monitor the effectiveness of your traffic generation tactics, and achieve whatever goals you’ve set for your site traffic.


1. Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is the largest free traffic analysis tool out there and it is a great place for anyone to start. In fact, many large corporations still use Analytics as their primary source of information on their traffic.

Google’s Analytics tool has several components and features that help you paint a full picture of the customers who are visiting your site. For example, it includes In-Page Analytics to see how visitors interact with your pages. You can see how your traffic sources balance out. And you can even set goals for different promotion campaigns to see whether your visitors are doing what you want them to do!


2. Piwik

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Piwik is the leading free, open source web analytics program out there. Once you download Piwik, you can learn all about your website’s visitors, the effects of your marketing campaigns, and more. Piwik also has a mobile app, which is great if you work on the go.


3. Clicky

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Clicky is a paid, real-time web analytics program that helps you monitor, analyze, and react to your traffic at a moment’s notice. The real-time feature of Clicky is what makes it so popular, as well as the vast array of data that it makes available to you. Clicky also has some unique features like heatmaps for individual visitor session.


4. Mint

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Mint is a paid program that you set up on your own server. Mint primarily focuses on tracking visits, referrals, and popular pages and searches. Because of its simplicity, Mint is best suited for small businesses, bloggers, or people just starting out.


5. Quantcast

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The final tool on this list is both for website traffic analysis and market analysis. Quantcast is huge free tool that measures the traffic of thousands of websites, allowing you to search for whatever site you’d like and find out how much traffic it generates. This is a great tool for learning more about your competitors’ traffic as well as your own.

The best use for Quantcast is for getting a good understanding of your audience. It includes demographics, lifestyle, interests, and much more data. One great feature is the ability to compare your own website’s activity to that of another – such as one of your competitors.



Tools for More Market Information:



SEMRush has free and paid versions, both of which analyze the traffic from different websites, along with key phrases and keywords. This tool is also good for doing research on your competitors because it ranks keywords as well.


Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader is a unique tool that allows you to “grade” your online marketing funnel for free. It measures your traffic, leads, and analytics to give you the full picture of your sales funnel. This tool also gives you helpful advice on how to improve your traffic generation techniques.



Alexa is a paid online tool that gives you incredibly detailed data about your site’s traffic as well as recommendations for what to do to improve your traffic. It includes SEO, industry trends, comparison tools, and much more. Alexa is great because it doesn’t just give you data, it gives you an action plan to follow to use that data.


Those are only a few of the top tools currently on the market to help you analyze your traffic, with Google Analytics still standing head and shoulders above the rest in popularity.

Don’t just try out different traffic tactics without testing and monitoring what’s working. You don’t want all your traffic generation efforts to go to waste! Instead, try using one of these tools to analyze your traffic and figure out what’s working and where you need to improve.


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  1. For me, Google Analytics is the place to go. I never really good at interpreting data, though. As long as it shows how many visitor I got for the day, that is enough.

  2. Awesome post…i really liked it.

  3. Google Analytics is my favorite. I use this tool for many years and it helps me to understand my traffic. I have tested Piwik but the UI was not so good as Analytics.

  4. Thanks for the list. I don’t understand Google Analytics (except for the very basic; how many visitors and where do they come from). Never had the inclination to learn how to use it, just seems like you need a masters degree to work it out. I get a bad case of information overload everytime I log into that account (which as a result doesn’t happen often).

    Going to check out Piwik. See how it compares to Statcounter which I currently use.

    In all honesty, I have to admit I am extremely bad at following up information like that, even though I know how important it is.

  5. I use Google Analytics, Alexa and Statcounter. But I have little knowledge of a number of the others on your list.
    I like the idea of the heatmap in Clicky.

    Which tool do you find best for tracking clicks on exit links (as in affiliate links)?

  6. google analytics is the best way to track quantitative data and to handle bounce rate too,Even clicky is also a helpful utility to track data for betterment

  7. Sometimes for the same website we get two different results using different analytics tool. Why is it so?

  8. Grace Bennett says

    I installed Piwik by following these instructions: . It is a good technical reference for anyone starting with Piwik.

  9. Great list you have there, I have used Piwik and Google Analytics however I prefer Piwik much more.

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