7 Quick Tips for Effective Social Media Management

Social media managementIs your head spinning around with all the social media you have to update, follow, reply to, engage with, and general try to keep under control?

The social media management pros say we can do it in around 15 minutes per day. Really? I can’t say I’ve found the to be the case, but then I guess I’m just not that organized.

That’s one of the reasons we decided to do a major update to our rebrandable training program on Social Media Management!

But if you need a few quick tips right NOW, take a look at these 7 that we put into a slide show:

Those should get you on the right track.

My #1 tip is:

Set a timer for when you’re on social media. Then shut it all off when you want to get other work done.

A kitchen timer works just fine for that. Or the alarm on your phone. Or any other app that suits your fancy.

If you want to learn more and teach others about social media management, you can head over here and check out our rebrandable, ready-to-go training:

==> Social Media Management – Ready-to-Go Training


  1. Hey Sharyn
    I am a huge fan of images, so that tip does it for me! Share images, and get more engagement. It has been shown again and again on Facebook and even Twitter now. Ok with something like Pinterest it is a given. But these other networks can be all about text, but now images are dominating!
    And as you say, don’t get bogged down in social and forget the time :>
    have a great day

  2. “Quality over quantity” , I’ve heard this in many places. I could say this is a good point in the presentation and move along. But the correct one should be high number of quality content. Social media has become a market where people with money are ruling for nothing. This is my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great information. I have a part time job running a small companies social media and will use this information. Thanks 🙂

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