Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2014

Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2014If you’ve been keeping up with the action over at my Business Content PLR site, you’ll see that I launched a hugely expanded version of my Affiliate Marketing course this past week.

It’s been a big success so far, so I thought I’d look up a few stats for you to use in your own marketing.

These are from the Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2014 Benchmark Report, from Affiliate Summit.

While these numbers are just a few highlights from the report, there are some key messages from the data.

On affiliate demographics:

43.9% of affiliate marketers have a 4-year college degree, and 15.9% have a Master’s.

45.5% work at home, 21.6% commute, and 32.8% do both (depending on the day).

On driving traffic:

72.4% use SEO to drive traffic

48.5% leverage social media
50.8% blog

38.8% use email marketing (my favorite)

37.% use Pay Per Click

How successful affiliates choose products & services:

21% pick a product to promote based on relevancy

15% look at affiliate program reputation

16% base their decision on brand awareness

The top 5 categories that affiliates promote are:

  1. Computer and Electronics (34.3%)
  2. Clothing/Apparel (32.8%)
  3. Business (28.4%)
  4. Health & Wellness (27.6%)
  5. Online Services (25.4%)


10% of affiliate marketers earn over $150,000/year from affiliate promotion efforts.


What do those statistics tell you?

  1. Successful affiliates use multiple methods to drive traffic
  2. If you’re trying to attract your own affiliates, look for people who have related markets and take care of your reputation
  3. You can promote pretty much anything
  4. It IS possible to earn a full-time income from affiliate marketing

I’d also say that the stats on education tell you that while over half have higher education, that also leaves half who don’t.

Which means that affiliate marketing is for everyone!

Go ahead and share some of those statistics with any of your readers who doubt the benefits of affiliate marketing, are wondering how to do it better, or….

….who think that affiliate marketing has nothing to offer them.

I hope that gave you some food for thought for today.

Talk soon 🙂

Sharyn Sheldon



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