5 Examples of Great E-Commerce Websites I Love

Do you have an e-commerce website, or do you know anyone who needs help with their online store?

If so, it pays to take a look at some of the best and brightest sites to get tips on what works and what doesn’t.

As part of the launch of my customizable course on E-Commerce Profit Boosters, I decided to share a few highlights from my own favorite online shopping stores.

Even though these are bigger sites, you can apply most of the ideas to smaller WordPress stores too.

1. Warby Parker

I love Warby Parker’s ‘try it on’ feature! It’s difficult to pick out glasses at the best of times, let alone online.

Warby Parker not only has a try-at-home option, but they have a tool for uploading your own photo and doing a ‘virtual try on’. I’ll bet that reduces return rates and increases sales tremendously.

Here’s what the virtual try-on screen looks like:



2. Life is Good

I love Life is Good’s messages of optimism, including the fact that they donate 10% of their profits to kids in need.

You’ll find little touches of that optimism and warm feelings all over the site, from top to bottom and in every product. They’re a prime model of consistent branding.

Here’s an example from one screenshot:



3. J. Jill

I love the fact that J. Jill highlights new collections right on the home page, without a lot of confusing text.

They also give lots of outfit ideas in images right on the collection page, like here:



4. Title Nine

Here’s another site that really knows their customers. Everything on the site screams their brand of ‘A fit woman is fit for everything’.

Check out their blog page, which always has an inspirations message at the top:



5. Moo

I’ve already mentioned elsewhere that I love Moo.com for business cards, but check out this personalization when I went back to their home page:


Even though I’m not logged in, Moo has the tracking features for knowing who I am and welcoming me back.

I don’t find that creepy at all, in case you were wondering. It gave me a personal connection with the site immediately, like I was being welcomed to a friend’s place.


Bonus: Amazon

It’s a given that Amazon is a star at e-commerce, particularly at doing cross-selling and social proof.

How easy it is for you to leave Amazon’s site with only the one thing you went there for? Not me.

If you need it, they have it – which can be a bit overwhelming at time.
But I love the way you can filter your results down to almost any level and combination.

For example, here’s the ‘drop-down’ (sideways) menu just for Automotive:

amazon search

In fact, I’m looking at adding a simpler form of this search function with a plugin on my store!

What’s your favorite e-commerce site or site feature?

I’d love to know. Not that I need to do any more online shopping. I do enough already!

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