Another Secret to Internet Marketing Success…Down the Toilet?

A secret to internet marketing success or notI’ve finally found it! The ultimate secret to internet marketing success. Or have I?

It seems like there’s another success story born every minute, along with the testimonials and complete step-by-step guide to prove it. Isn’t it depressing at times? See if this scenario sounds at all familiar.

Step 1. The Bait

You see an ad for what sounds like an amazing offer from someone who has used a proven system to reach $10,000 per month in just 3 months. First you think, “Yes, I can do that if she can!”

Step 2. You’re Hooked

You buy the book/video/audios/membership all raring to go. Then you look at all the work involved and maybe you think, “Okay, this isn’t so bad. I just have to work hard. No big deal.”

Step 3. Off to a Great Start

You print out the book or save all the files to your computer. Maybe you do some keyword research, buy a domain, and set up a blog. You plan to spend an hour or so every day working on the system.

Step 4. Life Happens

One or two days goes by while some other work or family issues have to be dealt with. You have no time to work on your new system. Maybe you go back and do a little SEO or just plan time for the following week.

Before you know it, the book is buried under a pile of other things that have more urgent priority. You have every intention of getting back to it, as soon as you have a few minutes free. Unfortunately, that never seems to happen.

The result? A few, or many, bucks invested. No returns.

Maybe the “secret system” would have worked. Maybe it wouldn’t have. Either way, you wouldn’t know since you really didn’t have time to commit to it in the first place.

How can you avoid wasting your money on all these so-called proven strategies or other ebooks? Take a few tips from one who’s been there, and still is at times:

  • The lesson that has been drilled into me time and again has been to only buy what you need to move forward in your business right now.
  • Only buy something if there is living proof that it works. Are they doing what they are teaching? Or are they just teaching?
  • Decided to buy it? Your number one priority is to download, read and apply.

Buying a helpful training program, ebook, report or other tool can be a great asset to your business, if it’s something you can use. Otherwise all you’ve done is help the other person’s business and added more stuff to clutter up your library – virtual or otherwise.

Now, post a little sticky not on your computer or your forehead and repeat after me:

“I will not buy anything unless I need it right now.”

Good luck with that and let me know – How many useless ebooks or courses have you purchased in the past?

P.S. No, I am not going to write an ebook about How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome. An ebook about how to avoid buying an ebook? I don’t think so.