Welcome to Business Content PLR on Posterous


I just set up my new "space" on Posterous. What an amazing tool this is! I can create a post in my email, send it to my posterous address, and Posterous publishes to my space complete with any media I attached or put in my email. It looks just like any post I would do on my blog.

I can then set up my space to autopost the same content to other services like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, or other places. What a time saver.

I'm attaching an image of what the autopost screen setup looks like. You'll also see how an image comes up when attached to an email.

If I had an image online and put in the url, it would show up in that exact place in the post.

For Twitter and Facebook autoposts, you'll see a link back to the Posterous post.

Pretty neat, right?

Go check it out. It's free after all and you can't beat that!