Are You Actively Using Social Media, Or Just Pretending?

Be selective with your social media use

I asked a question recently of a well-known internet marketer about how active I really needed to be in using social media. With all the different networks and services out there, how can anyone possible keep up? And yet, we’re told that it’s vital to our success. In fact, it’s critical to our very survival on the net.

She had an interesting confession to make. I’d name names, but this was part of a private discussion, so don’t ask.

This wildly successful marketer with years of experience and thousands of followers told me that she isn’t actually as active on social media as you’d think. She said that on most of the networks, she just makes sure to publish her content everyday, but she doesn’t actually socialize. Often, she doesn’t even read her news stream at all!

That doesn’t mean that she never interacts with people. She does that all the time. It just means that she’s more selective about the where and how.

The key is to be visible everywhere and engage only where it makes sense for your followers and your market.

This was a liberating revelation for me. I’m always feeling guilty that I haven’t been exploring Google+ or I don’t have a Tumblr blog or I never tweeted anything today. Do you? It’s as if I stay away from some of the social media simply because I feel that I have to interact if I’m there, and I just don’t have the time.

Now I know that I just have to make sure I’ve published each piece of content I create to each social channel. And make sure I publish something every day. That doesn’t have to take very long at all.

Then, when I have a few minutes of luxury, I can socialize a little. Ask my friends or followers a question to get a discussion going, comment on someone else’s content, etc. I’ll focus on the places I enjoy most and where the people are who I want to talk to. That sounds like a lot more fun and less stressful.

How about you? How do you manage all your social media demands?

Image source: Technorati

P.S. I included the image above because I have no clue what most of those social media networks are. If you look carefully, you can see a few you recognize.