Earn 10K in 2 Hours! – Yeah, right

Internet marketing scamsI’m so sick and tired of these ridiculous exaggerations. How many times have you seen the emails and sales pages that tell you that some guy was able to rake in $10,000 for just a couple hours work? I just got one in my inbox this second and I don’t know why it’s getting me so upset when I see them all the time. Oh, I remember. It’s because it came from someone that I though I respected!

Here’s the way the email typically goes:

Just 2 short years ago, this no-name guy was struggling to make ends meet, delivering pizza.

Then he discovered the secret (big bold letters, highlighted, all caps, etc) to making money in his sleep.

In just 2 hours of work, he found a way to make 5 figures (caps, big letters, red etc)!

Now he’s sharing all his secrets so you can do the same

….blah, blah, blah for another 5 pages

Can you tell I’m not a fan of this kind of sales copy and false promises?

Here’s the real story:

Joe Schmo struggled for 2 years online trying to figure out how to make some money so he could give up his day job.

After going through a few overpriced training courses, going to a couple good conferences, and networking with some successful internet marketers, he finally decides to pursue one business model which makes sense to him.

He creates his first product, puts it up online, and starts marketing it like crazy. He invests in linkbuilding, article marketing, and other forms of SEO. A lot of his efforts are focused on building a list.

As his list and traffic grows, he starts to make a few sales and gets better at this whole process.

Then he hooks up with another marketer who also has a decent size list. Between the two of them, they send out one mailing for a great product and make $10,000 just from that one mailing. Maybe it really took them only a couple hours to create the product, but probably it was longer if the product really is any good.

Then they put together a training webinar promising all their secrets to making $10K in 2 hours.

Sense anything fishy going on here? All this “2 hour” stuff is based on the end result of months of hard work, if not years.

Moral of the story? The next time you get an email or come across a sales page promising to teach you how to make $10K (or whatever ludicrous figure) in 2 hours (or whatever insanely short time), press delete or click away.

Don’t be the sucker that keeps these people in business.

End of rant. Go right ahead and tell me about all the people you know who actually were able to achieve this in the real world.