The New Secret Affiliate Marketing Tool for Blogger’s Block

Do you know about this secret affiliate marketing tool?Do you know what the most effective method of affiliate marketing is? Product reviews. I’ve seen the results first hand on my own blog and I’ve heard it from super affiliates also. People want to hear the inside scoop on a product before they buy it.

And where do you want them to go? To your blog!

The only problem is that it can get tough to post valuable content to your blog on a regular basis. There’s always an excuse:

  • You’d write something if you could just find something new to write about
  • You had a few ideas, but none of them sounded very good the next day
  • It takes you so long to write a post and there are so many other things to do
  • You were planning to write a post, but your dog needed to go for a walk
  • …fill in your own excuse here

Everyone’s been there and has their own excuses. I like to call it “blogger’s block” since it’s whatever happens to be stopping you from blogging more.

So, what do you do? Well, what if I told you about something that would eliminate your excuses? It’s a secret affiliate marketing tool from Peggy Baron that I’ve mentioned before. Easy Article Starters.

Now Peggy has released some new Easy Article Starters that are just for affiliate marketers. This pack of starters gives you enough ideas to populate a whole blog with posts on 10 different affiliate products related to internet marketing. Each of the 10 topics has 5 article starters ¬†plus 5 kickstart title ideas. That’s 50 article starters and another 50 title ideas to get you blogging fast!

Here’s are some of the ways I use them:

1. I look through all the topics and pick one that matches what I’m focusing on, or that I just feel like writing about.

2. I either copy and paste the article starters into separate draft posts on my blog, or I divide them up into different documents based on my purpose. So, I might put 1 on my blog and then use the other 4 for article marketing and guest blogging.

3. Then I just start writing. If I already know the subject, that could mean a blog post done in 15 minutes. If I have to do some research, it might take a little longer.

4. When ideas start running low, I just go back to the article starters and either use some of the title ideas or start a new topic.

Affiliate Marketing Tool - Article Starters for BloggersPeggy has some other suggestions on how to use this great affiliate marketing tool. Here’s the link to get all the details:

Easy Article Starter for Internet Marketing Affiliates

If you want to see an example of how I used an article starter for one of my email newsletters for Business Content PLR, see my post on Article Templates That Demolish Writer’s Block.

That’s one article that I had to do a little research on, but I learned some very cool new SEO methods for bloggers! Oh, did I mention that’s another perk of these article starters? You’ll get ideas you never even knew existed.

If you’ve been holding off doing more affiliate product promotions due to lack of time or ideas, then Peggy’s Easy Article Starters are a great affiliate marketing tool. I think they’re really going to take off big time.

Check them out and let me know what you think. here’s the link again:

Easy Article Starter for Internet Marketing Affiliates

Now go do some writing and start earning some commissions!!!


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