How to Write a Product Review That Will Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

How to write a product review for affiliate marketingAs a follow up to the post I wrote about Peggy Baron’s terrific affiliate marketing tool for bloggers (Easy Article Starters for Affiliate Marketers), I thought it would be helpful for you to learn how to write a product review for all those great internet marketing products you might be promoting. The following is an article I just wrote for EzineArticles which goes through the essentials of what to put in your article, and some of the most effective techniques that super affiliates use in their reviews.

Why is it so essential to learn how to write a product review effectively? Well, did you know that buyers trust a consumer review 12 times more than the manufacturer’s one? In fact, 90% of people trust recommendations from their friends and 70% trust those of unknown users. If you can write an article that gives a full review and get it ranked in search results, you can be the one that earns the most commissions on sales of that product. Not bad for a little bit of research and writing.

Before getting into some of the more creative techniques for writing product reviews, you need to know the key elements to include in your article. They are:

1. Overview of product.

Your review should always start with a brief overview of the product your are reviewing. You don’t need to go into a lot of detail here. Readers just need to know that this is a something they should be interested in and which might solve their problem.

2. Key features.

Give a list of the key features, benefits and specifications of the product. Usually you can get this from the sales page of the manufacturer or product creator. Bulleted lists work best so that readers can quickly pick out the features they’re most interested in.

3. Your own experience.

People want to hear first-hand the experience of a product user. If you haven’t used the product yourself, then your review is going to be at a disadvantage from the start. Yes, you can use the reviews of others. However, it is always best to share your own personal experiences and examples wherever possible.

4. Reviews from other buyers.

Your opinion isn’t enough. Readers want to see a number of reviews to bolster your own experience. That’s why places like Amazon are so popular. You can usually read and summarize other buyers’ reviews from sites like Amazon or from testimonials on the product’s sales page.

5. Pros and cons.

Always give a summary of both positives and negatives about the product. Nothing is perfect. Your review will be far more credible if you admit that there are a few flaws or downsides to the product. Hopefully they are only minor or you wouldn’t be giving it a positive review in the first place.

6. Image.

It goes without saying that buyers want to see what they’ll be getting. Include at least one good quality picture of the product in your review.

7. Call to action.

Every article should always include a call to action at the end. Tell people exactly what they should do next. For a product review, that usually means clicking on a link to go to the product sales page.

Aside from these 7 elements, there are a few additional techniques you can incorporate to really make your review pack a punch:

  • Video reviews. People love to see a real person reviewing a product. It makes it far more believable and realistic. When you put your own face into your review, people know that you mean what you say. Even just showing images of the product while describing it out loud can make a big difference, in case you’re camera shy.
  • Images of your own. Don’t just rely on the product creator’s pictures. In many cases, those images don’t show everything. Try taking photos of the product from different angles and, if relevant, images of you using it in action.
  • Tips for using the product. An extra element to include in your review is a series of tips for using the product. Write about what you have learned from your own experience, including what works best and what to avoid.
  • Video testimonials from other people. If they are available from the product creator, or if you can produce your own, include some videos of other users talking about the product and what they liked about it.
  • Ways to overcome the negatives. While you need to include some cons in your review, that doesn’t mean you have to make them a big factor in the purchasing decision. Talk about ways to overcome these negatives. Or, it may be that the negatives are only relevant for certain people. You may even point out a few negatives that were relatively inconsequential for you.

Finally, make sure to optimize your entire product review article for a specific keyword phrase. It won’t be found otherwise. Your goal should be for your review to be found first when a person is searching for information about that product. Usually that means having the product name plus the word “review” in your phrase. It should be in your article title, first paragraph, closing paragraph and in at least one subheader and image tag.

That’s it! Now just publish and start promoting.

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