Social Media Infographic Cheat Sheet for Newbies

Somewhere between playing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, I found this great Social Media Infographic Cheat Sheet. Talk about boiling everything down to the essentials. I love it, even if I did strain my eyes a bit trying to read everything!

Source: via Sharyn on Pinterest

Personally, I would have replaced Digg with StumbleUpon. I’ve heard of people getting phenomenal traffic from that site.

So, what do you think? Did they get it right?


  1. Hi Sharon
    Someone put a lot of time in to that cheat sheet . As soon as I have finished writing this comment I am going to print it off. Google is giving so mush influence to social media now whatever you google loads of results come up from Facebook etc. so if google is giving it that much clout we certainly have to follow.

    Great heads up thanks lee

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