5 Offline Marketing Tips for Building Your Online Business

Offline Marketing Idea - Advertise on side of busContrary to popular belief, not everything is online these days. People still go to bricks and mortar stores. They go the the gym and the doctor’s office. They actually get in their cars and drive places.

So why would you restrict all your marketing to the internet? Just because you’re building an online business doesn’t mean you can’t use offline marketing ideas.

In fact, consulting to offline businesses is probably one of the fastest growing sectors of internet marketing. While you’re learning internet marketing as fast as you can, most local businesses have no clue that they can dramatically grow their businesses by creating a presence online.

Likewise, not all your potential customers will find you on the internet. You may never be able to rank high enough in the search engines to be seen. Or they may not be big internet surfers, crazy as that may sound.

You need to get offline to connect both those types of customers.

How can you do that? Here are 5  popular offline marketing tips to try:

  • Give business cards with your website url on them to everyone you know who might know a. Keep them on you at all times and be prepared to give one to someone when they ask for if.
  • Flyers with information about your services or products, along with your company contact information and url. When you talk about your products/services on your flyers, make sure you describe them in terms of the problems they solve and the benefits to potential customers.
  • Postcard mailers with a special offer on them that has to be redeemed at your website. You can use a QR code that leads directly to a page with the special offer. These codes can be used on all of your printed marketing materials so that people with smartphones can whip them out and go to your site immediately.
  • A printed version of your special report that you can give to prospects when you meet. Again, make sure your information is in there. You can also include affiliate links to different useful resources, so that you can still make money even if the prospect doesn’t buy from you.
  • An eco-friendly shopping tote that has your company and web url printed on the side. These are becoming more and more popular, and people appreciate your concern for the environment!

Some of these are fairly traditional tactics, but they still work well. In fact, if you do your research thoroughly online, you can target the best places and people for your offline campaigns.

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I’d love to hear what ideas you have for Offline Marketing techniques. Just chime in below.


  1. Hey Sharyn

    I completely agree with you on this. Keeping a balance between online and offline marketing is very important. Both has different benefits to offer and taking advantage of these strategies is important for overall growth of any business.

    • Hi Richa,
      Thanks for stopping by. Offline has definitely become a hot topic. Kind of like the last frontier of online marketing, which is pretty ironic. I’m headed off to another conference next week myself to do some more learning and offline networking!
      – Sharyn

  2. I’m really pleased to see that you mentioned business cards amongst you offline marketing tips. Some believe that they’re outdated but I feel they’re just as useful and relevant as ever, especially when meeting a new contact face to face. Sometimes it is awkward to pull out phones etc so a card is a quick and professional solution.

    • I still have people ask me for a business card all the time, even though all my business is online. At conferences it’s a no-brainer, but also just chatting with friends or at a store/doctor’s office – anywhere you run into people. Like you said, it’s easier than pulling out phones. My goal the next time I get cards made is to create a QR code for a special landing page and put that on the back of the card with a special offer.

  3. Donald Quixote says

    I have found that well done business cards work wonders. You never know when you will find a potential business opportunity and when you do you don’t want to be unprepared. A business card has all the information a client will need and if branded right, should give off an idea of what your business is all about.

  4. Another thing that I’ve found works well is the postcards. I’ve overlooked them in the past but I was pretty surprised by how well they worked for me.

  5. Although QR codes (quick response barcodes) are no longer brand spankin’ new to the marketing scene, they have become more widely utilized, and the barrier to entry is lower than many marketers might think. Not only that, there’s a multitude of creative uses for QR codes that help engage others with your brand and bridge the gap between outbound and inbound marketing. They will bring your print media into an inbound marketing world.

  6. Great tips Sharyn. They are really good to boost someone’s online business. Nice effort. Specially you mentioned about business card, which i use everyday to promote mine.

  7. Along the same lines as a special report and a postcard, you might also try a newsletter. You could have a short summary of some of your posts and have a QR code link to the full article.

  8. Thanks for your idea. Offline has definitely become a hot topic. I’m really pleased to see that you mentioned business cards amongst you offline marketing tips.

  9. I have been reading a lot about different marketing tips today and there were a few here that I haven’t read yet. I think things that are creative like a shopping tote are great ideas and important for having a wide spectrum in your marketing strategy.

  10. I like your list – but I have only found that business cards seem to get traffic. This is usually because I’m there to sell my company and service first hand. I also do put my business cards up every place I go – The carwash bulletin boards, bars, draws everything I can to get my name out there. I’m finding that flyers I have done don’t work. Also my hits from broadcast faxes years ago (50-10 years ago) didn’t do a lot ether.

  11. Hy…nice idea about offline marketing. I like the idea of offline marketing specially the idea of business cards.There are very important points described very well.good blog….thanx for sharing….

  12. Hy,,,you describe 5 very good Offline Marketing Tips for Building good Online Business.thanx for sharing this informative blog….

  13. Hi Sharyn,
    Thanks for such a beautiful post. Business cards, flyer are the most useful ways to market yourself without doing so much hard work.
    Every business must need to use these all, and those business uses these all, get probably higher success.

    Have a great day!!
    With Regards,
    Elite Image Software Solutions

  14. Great tips Sharon. A lot of folks think that once they have a website they are good to go. But it takes a lot more than just a website. Your article “hits the nail on the head”

    I think the postcard is an especially good one. Remember the cost of first class postage is now up to nearly 50 cents. You can still mail a postcard up to 4 x 6 for 34 cents, a big difference.

    In addition, digital printing now allows for on-line addressing (the address is printed at the same time the message is printed). So you don’t have to deal with those ugly labels. Your piece looks really professional.

  15. ” Just because you’re building an online business doesn’t mean you can’t use offline marketing ideas.”

    I have to definitely agree with you here. As marketers, we also have to consider using offline marketing strategies. Yes, kind of old school, but we have to admit, they still work. We just have to innovate these offline marketing strategies to somehow, cater to the younger generations.

  16. Hey there….I must say what a nice post. I am thinking to start a new business and I was searching for this same information from last few days over internet and finally I found it here. Thank you so much for posting.

  17. Great post on merging the online and offline marketing worlds. I found that your concepts for offline marketing were highly creative and not the same old same old for offline content marketing…billboards, etc. I have consulted with a number of clients on offline solutions…some of my favorite are the new digital billboards popping up. They cycle a number of content ads through, rather than the standard one print image. This allows you to get seen at a lower price point.

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