Offline Marketing PLR Content – Special Offer

Offline Business PLR packSometimes, one of the easiest ways to build your online business is to go offline. For those of us who spend a lot of time behind the computer, we can forget that there are still a multitude of people out there who don’t. In fact, one of the reasons I put together my new Offline Marketing PLR content pack was to help people get more business offline.

Even though they are intertwined, there are two ways people talk about offline marketing.

The first is from the perspective of the online business owner who wants to get more visitors and customers to their website. For those people, there are a number of offline marketing methods available, such as direct mailings, posters, seminars, good old-fashioned business cards, QR codes, etc.

On the other side of the coin are internet marketers who are selling their services to offline businesses. For example, those of you who are designing a website for a local business or helping them learn how to make the best use of a Facebook Fan page.

The two sides of offline marketing meld together when you design a website for a local business and then use offline methods to drive traffic to that site. Or when you start marketing your online fitness and weight loss program through a direct mailing and someone asks if you can do a one-on-one consultation. Or when you gather great testimonials from your offline clients and use them to market your online business.

For anyone wanting to promote themselves more offline, I put together a pack of Offline Marketing PLR articles and tools that covers both sides of the equation. I’m also doing a special offer right now on the Warrior Forum that is limited to 100 packs at a big discount. Here’s the link:

 Offline Marketing PLR Content Megapack

There are 4 parts to this pack. Here’s a quick overview:

Component 1: Articles

  • 10 articles covering offline marketing methods and offline selling strategies
  • Outlines for all articles

Component 2: Introduction to the Offline Sales Process

  • Overview of the Face-to-Face Sales Model
  • Your Prospect’s Decision Making Process
  • How to Overcome Prospect Resistance

Component 3: Tools for Generating Leads Offline

  • Ideas for Generating Leads for Your Business Offline
  • Glossary of 100 Internet Marketing Terms
  • A Year of Internet Marketing Tweets
  • Twitter Basics – Guide to Getting Started on Twitter
Component 4: Tips for Using Your PLR
  • Tips for Using Your Internet Marketing Tweets
  • Tips for How to Use Your PLR Pack
You can profit from using this pack of content in any number of ways, such as:
  • Build your email list – with free content giveaways online, at seminars, meetings, etc
  • Impress your prospect – with your knowledge of internet marketing by using the content on your blog, articles, or other reports
  • Help your business coaching clients – coach them in offline selling
  • Grow your online business – use the suggested offline marketing strategies
  • Start a new, profitable business – use all the content to get started
  • Create new products – use any of the content to create products you can sell to offline or online businesses

Don’t try to separate the online and offline worlds. While people talk about them separately, there is tremendous profit potential for building your business through more creative offline strategies.

Go check out the special I’m doing before the price goes up:

Offline Marketing PLR Content Megapack

As always, I appreciate all feedback and suggestions for additional topics.


– Sharyn