Social Media Marketing – Outsourcing Solutions That Work

Social Media Marketing Outsourcing - so much to do!As a solo entrepreneur, the stress of the to-do list is ongoing. No matter how carefully you make your list of tasks, there’s just never enough time in the day to get everything done. With the pressure to continuously engage customers on social media as well, it’s a wonder that anyone ever gets a chance to actually create products. Do you ever find yourself spending more time on your Facebook page or Google+ than on planning out your next product? I know I do!

And yet, all the studies show that we absolutely must be where our customers are. And where are they? Somewhere on some type of social network. It might be LinkedIn or Facebook. It could be Pinterest or Twitter. They might be most active on Flickr or Foursquare. They could even be on all of these networks and more. If you don’t want to leave money floating around in the social sphere, then you’d better be right there where it counts.

In order to effectively implement social media marketing, outsourcing can be a solution that takes that huge weight off your shoulders. It may seem insane to think that someone else, a stranger, can manage the social side of your business. However, it’s become more and more common. Social media experts are flocking to the business of consulting to small businesses. They specialize in navigating all the networks out there and helping you engage and attract the customers you would miss out on otherwise.

That doesn’t mean you can outsource everything. Let’s look at a couple solutions that can work well.

What social elements of your business make sense to outsource?

1. Social Profile Setup

Once you know what information you want to include on your social profiles it can be tedious to sign up for each network and input that information over and over. A social media expert can help you decide what information to include and then go off and set up everything for you.

2. Social media optimization (SMO)

Your website needs to be set up in a way that makes it easy for people to share your content. There’s no reason for you to spend the time to do this yourself. Sure, it’s relatively easy. But your time is valuable and any one-time activity like this should be outsourced. Let someone else install the sharing buttons on your sites and link them to your profiles.

3. Custom pages and backgrounds

Another one-off task, the creation of custom Facebook pages, Twitter backgrounds and Google+ pages is easy to outsource to someone who knows what they’re doing. You just need to have a standard company logo, though that is easily outsourced as well if you need it.

4. Some content creation

You definitely do not have to create all your own content for your social sites. Skilled writers who are briefed on your business can write blog posts, answer questions, draft tweets, and post status updates. You can even use private label rights content related to your business and just edit it to customize the content to your market.

Internal sourcing opportunities

1. Employees can monitor the most active topics

If you have any employees, or a dedicated virtual assistant, they can monitor the most active conversations among your customers. Even if a social media consultant is monitoring your overall social network, you need someone close to the business to keep track of what’s hot now. That way, you can react quickly to the market’s needs. For example, you might find out that there’s a discussion going on around a flaw in one of your products. You need to jump on that problem pronto and fix it. You can’t wait for a consultant to deliver a report.

2. Employees should be interacting with customers

You don’t have to be the one to answer every question that comes up on your Facebook page. Just as you would outsource the answering of some of your email, your employee or virtual assistant can engage with your customers on the social side and refer important discussions back to you. Just set some guidelines around what you want to handle yourself.

3. Publish new content to different sites

While some content can be outsourced, it makes sense to keep the control of your content in-house. But that doesn’t mean you have to be posting and publishing it yourself. You can do a final approval if necessary and then hand it off to your trusty employee or V.A. to do the nitty gritty of publishing and promoting it on various social media sites.

What not to outsource

Once you start outsourcing your social media, it’s going to get tempting to keep on going until your plate is clean. Don’t get too over eager. There are some things that just can’t be outsourced without jeopardizing your reputation and your marketing success.

Customer complaints

When a customer complains about anything, you need to react swiftly and decisively. You just can’t trust an outsourcer to do than without a lot of training. For a larger business, that may be an option. But for small businesses and solopreneurs, your customers expect to hear from you directly.

Strategy and planning

You might get some advice from a social media consultant, but the ultimate social media marketing strategy and goals can’t be outsourced. It’s the heart and soul of your business. You can outsource practically every aspect of your business EXCEPT this one. All social media presents your image to the world and builds your reputation. You must be the one who directs it and protects it, even if the minute tasks involved are done by someone else.


Have you outsourced any of your social media marketing? ¬†Tell us what worked and what didn’t.


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