How to Use PLR Articles to Create Videos

How to Use PLR Articles to Create VideosI know I haven’t been posting here on my blog very often lately. But there’s a good reason! I’ve been busy adding useful content for all my readers and customers over at Business Content PLR. And then I realized that you could really use this content too :).

Most recently, I started putting together tutorials on How to Use PLR, where I deal with the technical stuff that holds people back. The first topic I’m covering is how to use PLR articles to create videos quickly and easily.

There are two installments so far. The first one is a tutorial that gives an overview of the steps you need to take to make a basic video from an article, using a combination of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint (with the built in Camtasia add-in). You could also just capture the video using something like Snagit (which is one of my favorite tools ever!) I have the finished article/video there on the page too.

The second tutorial is a video showing you how to create a branded look to your videos. Again, I use Powerpoint – my tool of choice since the 2010 version in particular is extremely rich in features. And it’s so easy to create a branded look that you’ll wonder why anyone would leave their videos all boring and colorless.

1. Repurposing PLR: How to Create a Video from a PLR Article

2. How to Brand Your PLR Article Video

I’m also planning to show you in more detail how to get the article into outline format and then on to the slides so they’re ready for recording as you speak.

This is the video example I created using one of my free PLR articles. I didn’t add any extra graphics since the point was speed. But I still think it looks pretty darn good:

Other tutorials on my to-do list include one on how to use my article outlines to create unique content, as well as real examples of repurposing your PLR. Of course, all of this applies to any content that you own or have created.

What issues you struggle with in using content (PLR or otherwise)? Are they technical know-how? Creative ideas?

Let me know in the comments or via email, if you’re shy, and I’ll see if it’s something I can help with or create a tutorial for.




  1. Hi Sharyn! You have covered a good topic. I used to see you commenting at different places, and today I landed on your website – from a completely difference source though, Gmail alert.

    Wish you success.

    • Thanks for coming by, Nayan. I’m glad you found me! I’ve been a little quiet lately, but that’s because I’ve been focusing on planning for 2013. Good luck with your own plans 🙂

  2. Sharyn,

    Your PLR is so well done and this is a great tutorial. You really are wasting money if you don’t use PLR multiple ways.

  3. Hi Sharon
    I have read a couple of your posts and found them very informative. Have just started looking at videos as a marketing tool to help my sites wider appeal I know roughly where to start now so thanks for the tips

    Thanks lee

    • Hi Lee,
      Glad to know my posts have been helpful! I also have done a few over on my PLR site, including tutorials like this on how to repurpose PLR content.
      Take a look at the Success tips section at Success Tips.
      And good luck with your video. Once you get going you’ll wonder why you never did it before 🙂
      – Sharyn

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