Content Quickie: How to Create Video from PowerPoint Slides

How to Use PowerPoint Slides to Create VideoMany of my larger products over at my Business Content PLR site include PowerPoint slides, which make it easy to create slideshows, webinars and video.

But have you ever created videos with PowerPoint before? If not, I’ve recorded a quick demo video to show you just how easy it is.

In this video, I used some of the speaker notes that I also include with many of our slides. They’re a great basis for your script and can edited to fit your own language and voice. I know some people prefer not to use a script, but I do, even if I don’t follow it precisely. Other people just put down bullet points so they sound more natural.  Take a look and see how easy it is.


Now for the written-down, high level view:

Step 1. Check the Speaker Notes on the slides. Edit or add anything. You might want to add your own introduction, transitions, and other examples.
Step 2. Click Slide Show > Record Slide Show > Start Recording from Beginning.
Step 3. Click through each slide, narrating as you go.
Step 4. After you’ve finished recording, make sure you replay and check it.
Step 5. To save, go to File > Save & Send > Create a video, or File > Save as Movie.
Step 6. Check the save settings and click “save” or click “create video”. Look for your final video where you saved it and check to make sure you like the final results.

You’ll see in the video that I used a few sample slides from a new course we created called Content Creation Mastery.  There are quite a lot of slides in there since it’s a full course. If you have it, or buy it, make sure you break everything up into smaller videos when you record them.  Otherwise, that would be one HUGE file!

Here’s where you can find the full course:

I hope this motivates you to go create a quick video today 🙂