A Super Simple Way to Make Your Images “Hot” and Engaging

I just found the most amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to put “hot spots” on your images.
These are places that pop up some type of box or message when someone hovers their mouse over it.

[engagematic id=”987″]

Give it a try with the image of the plugin’s ecover above. The little red marker (like the ones on maps) shows where there’s a hot spot. Hover over that and see what pops up.

See it? I added a message and link right there.

Now, watch this demo I created where I walked through creating and adding the “hot spots”:

There are all sorts of benefits to putting hot spots on your images:

  • Keep visitors on your site longer
  • Give them information about things in your image (like where to buy an item)
  • Encourage more opt-ins
  • Make your posts more interesting in general
  • Show them where to go for more information
  • Just be different from everyone else!

Want to see a few more examples? Here are the ones I created in my video demo:

 [engagematic id=”1001″]
NOTE: I got that image as part of the big bundle of images in Coach Glue’s Sticky Social Media training bundle.

Here’s one where I inserted a link to a video I created on how to use free Google Fonts to customize your content:

 [engagematic id=”988″]

And finally, here’s one with an opt-in form for this blog:

 [engagematic id=”986″]

Ready to try this out for yourself? Click on the link below to head over to the sales page. The price is extremely affordable, so have some fun with it 🙂

==> Engagematic – WordPress Plugin for Hot Spots


What do you think? How would YOU use this plugin?


UPDATE: I just did a quick “test” of some of the free image creation tools mentioned in Nicole and Melissa’s Sticky Social Media product.

Feel free to download and use these images yourself. The tool I created them with is noted in the title of each, and the marketing-related quotes were taken from the social media course too:

Free Download