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      Looking for all our great tips and advice on online marketing? I’ve moved my main blogging location over to here: ==> Blog   That’s where you’ll find all our content about:   Content Marketing Strategy Content Marketing Tips Content Marketing Tools Branding Email Marketing Video Marketing How to Create Content […]

5 Examples of Great E-Commerce Websites I Love

Do you have an e-commerce website, or do you know anyone who needs help with their online store? If so, it pays to take a look at some of the best and brightest sites to get tips on what works and what doesn’t. As part of the launch of my customizable course on E-Commerce Profit […]

Examples of Great Storytelling in Marketing

When you think about telling stories, what do you usually envision?  Do you picture the traditional bedtime stories with superheros, villains, and princesses?  Or do you picture something else? Stories come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to using them as a marketing vehicle. To get your own creative juices flowing, we gathered a […]

How I Went from 100 to 20 in 5 Seconds

As part of the launch of my newest content bundle on The Power of Storytelling in Marketing, I thought I’d share a story of my own. This one is about how I ended up running my own business. Here’s the short(ish) version: … I wasn’t born into hardship. I didn’t go down to my last […]

Tips for Using Social Media to Build Your Email List

What do social media and email have in common? They both help you create a personal relationship with people – customers, prospects, friends. Anyone and everyone. But your contacts on social media are only accessible there, so you must get them onto your email list, where you can contact them when you need to. At […]

5 Top Online Reputation Tips

Do you know what a potential customer or employer learns about you when they look online? How careful are you about what you post? And what about the things that other people are saying? Your online reputation is a fragile thing so it’s important that you learn how to maintain it. And, if the worst […]

Email Marketing Statistics 2014

Guess what? Email marketing is still one of the best ways to invest your marketing budget! The old saying that ‘the money is in the list’ is just as true now as it was when I first started building an online business back in 2009. I resisted it for a long time, thinking it would […]

Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2014

If you’ve been keeping up with the action over at my Business Content PLR site, you’ll see that I launched a hugely expanded version of my Affiliate Marketing course this past week. It’s been a big success so far, so I thought I’d look up a few stats for you to use in your own […]

Video Marketing Statistics 2014

In my previous post, I talked about my favorite video creation tools. But are you still wondering whether it’s worth the effort to incorporate video in your mix? Take a look at these video marketing statistics for 2014 that we gathered together in a slideshow: Video Marketing Statistics 2014 from Sharyn Sheldon There are a […]

My 5 Favorite Video Creation Tools – What are yours?

Have you or your readers and customers struggled with adding video into your marketing mix? It definitely took me awhile to get started, and it was all my own fault. I thought it would be far more complicated and difficult than it actually was. In the end, I just bit the bullet, bought some software […]