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      Looking for all our great tips and advice on online marketing? I’ve moved my main blogging location over to here: ==> Blog   That’s where you’ll find all our content about:   Content Marketing Strategy Content Marketing Tips Content Marketing Tools Branding Email Marketing Video Marketing How to Create Content […]

5 Examples of Great E-Commerce Websites I Love

Do you have an e-commerce website, or do you know anyone who needs help with their online store? If so, it pays to take a look at some of the best and brightest sites to get tips on what works and what doesn’t. As part of the launch of my customizable course on E-Commerce Profit […]

7 Quick Tips for Effective Social Media Management

Is your head spinning around with all the social media you have to update, follow, reply to, engage with, and general try to keep under control? The social media management pros say we can do it in around 15 minutes per day. Really? I can’t say I’ve found the to be the case, but then […]

Why Customer Service Can Break Your Business – Statistics You Need to Know

How much attention are you paying to YOUR customer service? On a personal level, I’ll bet you’ve had some pretty miserable experiences with bad service. You may have told all your friends, complained about it, vented about it, and maybe even told the company itself. But the reality is that most people DON’T complain about […]

Top 6 Mistakes Made in Marketing Plans and How to Avoid Them

  When creating your marketing plans, there are a million things that can go wrong. The process can seem difficult and time consuming, so it’s no wonder people make the same few mistakes over and over. By knowing about these common mistakes, you can avoid wasting precious time and resources.   Not Making a Plan […]

Top 10 Tips to Make a Great First Impression in Business

  Everyone has heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”   Make a great first impression in business and those new relationships will lead to more meetings, more trust, and (in time) mutually beneficial relationships. With these 10 tips, you won’t need a second chance to make a […]

How I Got Over My Fear of Public Speaking…Virtually

Why does everyone always talk about fear of public speaking being a ‘face-to-face’ issue? I think I know just as many, if not more people who are desperately afraid to speak publicly on webinars, podcasts, Hangouts, or even recorded video. My story probably isn’t all that different. My first memorable experience with public speaking was […]

How I Create Screencast Demo Videos

Yesterday a customer commented on the ‘sneak peek’ video I did for my Verbal Communication Skills course and asked me how I created the screencast and what tools I used. Since I figured other people might also be interested, I’m copying my answer to her below.     Step 1. Tools to Use I use […]

A Unique Method to Get More Mileage from PLR

  Are you always struggling to find new ideas for your content marketing? Most online marketers say one of their top challenges is creating ENOUGH content, as well as ENGAGING content. And yet….   It may be your own creations or Private Label Rights (PLR) content, but either way it’s probably not getting the mileage […]

How to Set Goals That Get Done

In my latest white label training program on setting priorities, we mention the importance of first setting the types of goals that you want to achieve. You get up in the morning, you sit down to work, you start thinking about what you should do first…. and then you turn to your “To Do” list. […]