Top 10 Tips to Make a Great First Impression in Business

  Everyone has heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”   Make a great first impression in business and those new relationships will lead to more meetings, more trust, and (in time) mutually beneficial relationships. With these 10 tips, you won’t need a second chance to make a […]

The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters

It’s a lovely Monday morning and I’m excited to be picking up my daughter this afternoon from the train station, back from college.  To me, that marks the real beginning of the holidays. But first, I get to announce my anxiously awaited new course: The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters     This is another […]

9 Common Writing Mistakes That Kill Your Credibility

Do you ever have to write any content as part of your business? If you said no, then I can’t imagine what business you’re in, but there’s no need to read the rest of this article. If you do any writing whatsoever, then you’ll probably want to pay attention.  If you’ve been relying on Word […]

Article Templates That Demolish Writers Block

How many times have you sat down in front of your computer, staring fixedly at the screen, wondering what you were going to write, and then ambling off to the refrigerator to grab a snack? Maybe your own writer’s block doesn’t include the kitchen raid like mine, but everyone has faced it at one time […]

Public Speaking 101: How to Lose Credibility in 3 Easy Steps

I recently attended an information session and tour at a prestigious Ivy league university as part of our college search with my daughter. It’s an intense process and this was the first college we were visiting. As we sat down in the hallowed room, reeking of history and great minds, we were all excited to […]