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      Looking for all our great tips and advice on online marketing? I’ve moved my main blogging location over to here: ==> Blog   That’s where you’ll find all our content about:   Content Marketing Strategy Content Marketing Tips Content Marketing Tools Branding Email Marketing Video Marketing How to Create Content […]

Make Your Blog “Pop” with Some Unique Emoticon Smileys

I just picked up a beautiful, simple plugin for adding unique emoticon smileys to your WordPress site and wanted to test it out right away.   That one was “delighted”. I wonder what “teddy bear” is?   Here’s another called “frustrated”.   That’s looks like me when my WordPress visual editor disappeared today and I couldn’t […]

Here’s a Quick Way to Solve Email Writer’s Block

Have you ever received an email from someone and been totally clueless who it came from? It could be someone whose email list you subscribed to 3 months, or even a year ago. But, because they haven’t sent emails to you very often, you’ve completely forgotten who it is. For me, that email automatically goes […]

FREE Tool: Generate Your Product License in Seconds

  I’ve got a free tool for you today that I just received from my friend, Dennis Becker, over at the Earn 1K a Day Insiders Club. It was a free download for all his members, but he gave us the rights to give it away too. The tool is a little piece of software […]

Your Biggest Content Marketing Challenges….Answered

Content marketing is, and will probably remain, the number one way to connect with your market and build your business. The content you create determines how people will view both you and your business. Produce relevant, useful content and your market will keep coming back for more. Spew out useless garbage they could care less […]

Visual Content Marketing: What’s a Writer to Do?

With visual content marketing all the rage online and off, if you’re not creating engaging visuals all over the place, you’re going to be an internet marketing dinosaur in no time at all. For those of us who revel in the written word and feel more comfortable tapping away at a keyboard than crafting images, […]

Free Internet Marketing Courses: Are they worth it?

For most people who want to start a business online, budgets are small and risk is high. You don’t know what to learn first or what questions to ask. Unless you already have a very clear idea of what you want to do online, it often makes sense to take advantage of some of the […]

Get More Done! – The Productivity Challenge

Who wants to get more done every day and take a giant leap forward in their business? I’m in! Connie Ragen Green is doing a 21 Day Productivity Challenge that should have a huge impact on anyone’s business. It’s already been going on for a few days, so I’m jumping in a little late. However, […]

The Best Way to Learn Affiliate Internet Marketing

Do you want to learn affiliate internet marketing? Are you serious about growing your online business? I mean, really committed? If so, then Atlanta is the place to be. Probably the biggest reason I finally got on the right path with my online business was the trip I made to the Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems […]