Free Internet Marketing Courses: Are they worth it?

For most people who want to start a business online, budgets are small and risk is high. You don’t know what to learn first or what questions to ask. Unless you already have a very clear idea of what you want to do online, it often makes sense to take advantage of some of the […]

What I Learned from BlogWorld Expo 2012 in NYC

It’s now been a week since I came back from attending the BlogWorld Expo in New York, and I’ve finally found a few minutes to write up what I learned. There’s a ton of information in my notes, so I’m going to share the highlights from a few of the sessions I attended. You could […]

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2012 – Roundup

When was the last time you looked up a website on your smart phone? Or maybe you were browsing for best product ┬áreviews on your iPad or tablet? Checking in on your latest Facebook posts on your Droid? If you’re like the majority of the U.S., you own a smart phone and/or tablet and carry […]

Free PLR Articles – Internet Marketing PLR and More

In case you didn’t hear, I just released a pack of free PLR articles on internet marketing that you can grab over at the Warrior Forum. It’s my contribution to getting some more fresh, quality content out there on the web and to making your lives a little easier. The pack of Internet Marketing PLR […]

Podcast – My Favorite Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

I just finished up a podcast about my favorite online tools for entrepreneurs. Shilonda Downing of Virtual Work Team LLC invited me to talk about three tools that are not necessarily as mainstream as all the ones you normally hear about. You know the ones I mean – Aweber, Hostgator, WordPress, etc. In the podcast, […]

Earn 10K in 2 Hours! – Yeah, right

I’m so sick and tired of these ridiculous exaggerations. How many times have you seen the emails and sales pages that tell you that some guy was able to rake in $10,000 for just a couple hours work? I just got one in my inbox this second and I don’t know why it’s getting me […]

Another Secret to Internet Marketing Success…Down the Toilet?

I’ve finally found it! The ultimate secret to internet marketing success. Or have I? It seems like there’s another success story born every minute, along with the testimonials and complete step-by-step guide to prove it. Isn’t it depressing at times? See if this scenario sounds at all familiar. Step 1. The Bait You see an […]

Welcome to Business Content PLR on Posterous

I just set up my new "space" on Posterous. What an amazing tool this is! I can create a post in my email, send it to my posterous address, and Posterous publishes to my space complete with any media I attached or put in my email. It looks just like any post I would do […]

Is Learning Getting in the Way Of Your Internet Marketing Success?

According to the top 10 list of New Year’s Resolutions, one of the ones (can’t remember which) is to learn something new. I don’t know about you, but I would never make that one of my resolutions. Heck, I do a ridiculous amount of learning now. All in the name of becoming an internet marketing […]

The latest Google algorithm change and what it means for you

.. I just caught the latest post on Tiffany Dow’s blog about the most recent Google algorithm change. To sum it up, Google has tweaked one of their many complicated formulas to make sure that we actually see the most recent articles in the search engine results. You’ll still see some evergreen content in results, […]