Archives for October 2011

A Lesson in WordPress Security Learned the Hard Way

Do you know how vulnerable you are to having your website hacked? Would you even notice the signs that you’d been hacked? Do you know the simple tasks you need to do to protect yourself? I had no clue until I found one of my blogs had a huge drop in traffic over the course […]

5 Top Online Internet Marketing Techniques

Every time I turn to my computer, I get another email that claims to contain the top online internet marketing techniques. (Hint: I just used one. Did you notice?) Usually these emails are accompanied with a few tried and true words, like “fool-proof”, “guaranteed”, “instant traffic”, “first page in Google”, “overnight”, etc., etc. I’m sure […]

Public Speaking 101: How to Lose Credibility in 3 Easy Steps

I recently attended an information session and tour at a prestigious Ivy league university as part of our college search with my daughter. It’s an intense process and this was the first college we were visiting. As we sat down in the hallowed room, reeking of history and great minds, we were all excited to […]