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5 Ways to Use Evernote for Social Media Management

One of my customers emailed me yesterday saying she was confused as to how she could use Evernote to help her with social media management. There are so many ways that it’s hard to list them all here, so I’m going to summarizing 5 ways that are the most popular:   1. Use the Evernote app with […]

These Are The Conversations That Build Your Business

When was the last time you made a point of sitting down and talking to someone who has the polar opposite view from you? Do you think it would be a complete waste of your time? I was visiting a college with my son the other day when this exact question came up. You see, […]

Sources for Copyright-Free Public Domain Images

Do you often use images  in your content creation? As you probably already know, visuals are one of the easiest ways to catch your reader’s eye and engage them. But unless you’re using your own images, that you created personally, you can quickly get drawn into a minefield of potential legal trouble using others’ images. […]

[Video Demo] How to Use Evernote on an iPad

I did a little demo yesterday of using Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy phone (Android system), and today I have a demo on my iPad. The app on the ipad isn’t quite as good as the version on my phone, but it’s still extremely powerful. The only thing it seems to be missing is the voice-to-text feature, […]

[Video Demo] How to Use Evernote on Your Phone

If you haven’t tried Evernote, whether on your mobile device or your computer, you are missing out on one of the best productivity tools ever invented! Evernote’s tag line is “Remember Everything”, and its different features make that a reality. You can keep track of anything you want, including web clippings, photos, audios, screenshots, pdfs, […]