Archives for June 2014

5 Easy Tips for Using Social Media to Market Your Content

You already know that social media is a powerhouse in the world of content marketing, right? Since most people spend at least some time, if not way too much time, on social media, it’s a great place to market your content brand. Your content will get far more visibility than if it were to just […]

Repurposing Content Ideas: How to Turn 1 into 10

Whether you’re new to content marketing or an old pro, the pressure to consistently produce fresh content presents a challenge. You dedicate a great deal of time and effort into creating a piece of content – why not get the most out of it? The secret is in repurposing and recycling. You can use that one […]

Where Content Marketing & Branding Collide – Building a Content Brand

My latest white label program is now live – How to Build Your Content Brand – and I think I have people a little confused. Am I talking about Branding? Am I talking about Content Marketing? Actually, the course is about both. It’s about using the key concepts of branding and applying them to your […]