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Video Marketing Statistics 2014

In my previous post, I talked about my favorite video creation tools. But are you still wondering whether it’s worth the effort to incorporate video in your mix? Take a look at these video marketing statistics for 2014 that we gathered together in a slideshow: Video Marketing Statistics 2014 from Sharyn Sheldon There are a […]

My 5 Favorite Video Creation Tools – What are yours?

Have you or your readers and customers struggled with adding video into your marketing mix? It definitely took me awhile to get started, and it was all my own fault. I thought it would be far more complicated and difficult than it actually was. In the end, I just bit the bullet, bought some software […]

7 Quick Tips for Effective Social Media Management

Is your head spinning around with all the social media you have to update, follow, reply to, engage with, and general try to keep under control? The social media management pros say we can do it in around 15 minutes per day. Really? I can’t say I’ve found the to be the case, but then […]

Why Customer Service Can Break Your Business – Statistics You Need to Know

How much attention are you paying to YOUR customer service? On a personal level, I’ll bet you’ve had some pretty miserable experiences with bad service. You may have told all your friends, complained about it, vented about it, and maybe even told the company itself. But the reality is that most people DON’T complain about […]