5 Easy Tips for Using Social Media to Market Your Content

You already know that social media is a powerhouse in the world of content marketing, right? Since most people spend at least some time, if not way too much time, on social media, it’s a great place to market your content brand. Your content will get far more visibility than if it were to just […]

Tutorial: Tips for Quick Content Customization

I’ve had a lot of customers ask me in the past how they should customize the white label and PLR content they purchase from me over at Business Content PLR. Since it’s such a common question, I decided to take one of my courses and do a video demo of some ideas for customizing it […]

Go Beyond Repurposing Content and Back to Focusing on Results

  In an email I sent out yesterday I talked a little about the questions you should ask yourself before you buy new content. A lot of people buy content to use in their business just because it looks interesting or it’s a great deal at the time. However, the most important question you first […]

Your Biggest Content Marketing Challenges….Answered

Content marketing is, and will probably remain, the number one way to connect with your market and build your business. The content you create determines how people will view both you and your business. Produce relevant, useful content and your market will keep coming back for more. Spew out useless garbage they could care less […]